How CargoSnap Brought the Wow Factor to their Customers with Mobile Scanning

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How CargoSnap Brought the Wow Factor to their Customers with Mobile Scanning

CargoSnap lets you take a photo or scan a freight document and send it straight to your secure CargoSnap dashboard, import it into a report or deliver it to your mailbox.

For CargoSnap, features like offline scanning, scanning in low-light conditions and ease-of-use were all critical in choosing Anyline. These features are valued across the industry and have helped Anyline to be recognised as a solution leader in this field.

Customer Reactions to Mobile Shipping Container and Document Scanning

The response from CargoSnap clients has been positive. The simple user flow and instant results of Anyline’s mobile OCR technology have impressed customers and brought a wow factor to using CargoSnap’s services.

The improvements that Anyline have brought to the CargoSnap app include faster service, more reliable data sharing and an increase in the types of documents that can be shared. The ability to quickly digitize documents is one of the key contributors to the improved customer satisfaction.

Marcel Merkx, CEO of CargoSnap comments:

“Working with Anyline has been very valuable for us as their team has a razor sharp focus on delivering a mobile OCR solution. It saved us valuable development time, to focus on serving our customers requirements. I have been particularly impressed with the support provided by Anyline: they help and keep pushing their product forward.”

The Mobile Scanning Use Case for CargoSnap

CargoSnap provides their customers with location and status updates regarding products during supply chain execution. They achieve this by sharing photos of cargo at different points during logistic processes. This helps their clients to identify problem areas in their supply chain and find solutions. In addition, this customer-and-service oriented way of working helps their clients to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.


“We wanted to add mobile scanning to our app to help speed up and reduce error in data entry. We chose Anyline for their excellent document scanning and their enthusiasm to work with us on shipping container scanning. These solutions mean our clients can harness digitization to make their processes faster and more accurate.”

Document scanning from Anyline provides better management of shipping documents such as freight shipping forms and commercial invoices.

Shipping container scanning also aides CargoSnap in providing the best service possible to their clients. One of CargoSnap’s primary services is informing clients when their goods or shipping containers have been damaged in transit. Shipping container scanning allows CargoSnap clients to quickly register damaged containers and bring that information into their online system.

Why Was Anyline the Right Choice for CargoSnap?

Anyline has a number of features that make it the perfect choice for scanning in supply chain execution and logistic processes. With a focus on robust scanning in all locations, you can depend on the accuracy of Anyline to keep your supply chain in order.

Both Anyline and CargoSnap were able to benefit from partnering together and gaining new understandings of supply chain execution. As a functional expert in their field, CargoSnap were able to give us valuable insight regarding requirements in the logistics field. Together, Anyline and CargoSnap were able to create a solution that catered to the specific needs of our customers.

“The supply chain solutions we were able to develop in conjunction with CargoSnap are sure to help logistic companies in all sectors to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in their services. The know-how and insight that CargoSnap were able to share is a testament to their dedication to high-level service and finding cutting edge solutions to everyday problems. The Anyline team is looking forward to finding even more ways to improve supply chain execution with their cooperation.”

– Lukas Kinigadner, Anyline CEO

Add Mobile Scanning to Your Supply Chain Execution & Logistics Processes!

Anyline was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2018. Features like highly accurate scanning, instant results and data security make our mobile text recognition perfect for assisting Supply Chain Execution.

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