How Edison Enabled Direct Data Transmission with Mobile OCR

How Edison Enabled Direct Data Transmission with Mobile OCR

Project Description


Main Italian energy provider | 130 years of history | >10.000 app users in the first 5 months

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Starting Point

The modern digital revolution

Edison is one of the main energy providers in Italy and has 130 years of experience in this sector. They provide both the private and industrial sector with gas and electricity.

Over the last few years, a process of digital transformation has started with the aim to digitally include customers in the Edison world. The goal was to keep path with digital innovation of modern times and to provide state-of-the-art services to customers making information more transparent and accessible with easy tools.

Within the process of digital transformation, Edison decided to implement a new app with advanced and useful features.


The new app with innovative tools

The new app has the goal of fulfilling the idea of smart home & smart living, allowing users to get an overview of their gas & electricity consumption rates, their payments, and their contract offers. The app also has to allow users to easily transmit their meter reading data directly to Edison. Anyline was able to provide the perfect SDK solution to integrate into the app for a fast & secure transmission of meter reading data.


More direct data transmission

Edison’s new app is called My Edison and is a highly customer-oriented application with very good reviews.  The Anyline Meter Reading feature gives an alternative to traditional meter reading practices such as dictation via phone call or online typing of the data. It’s the state-of-the-art solution that avoids typing and reading errors. It saves time as there is no need to sit down and login into the online portal or no waiting in the loop while calling the service number.

In order to work, the app only needs one-time procedures such as download, registration, and… there you go. The customer is notified in-app as soon as it’s time to transmit the meter reading status. Finally, the meter reading process is easily completed within a couple of seconds.

My Edison users can now directly scan their gas meters from home. This is reliable, fast, and makes the app even more efficient.

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