Porsche Leipzig Success Story

Porsche Leipzig Success Story

Project Description


>100 license plates to scan with Anyline | 40.000 visitors per year | >3.000 app downloads (iOS & Android)

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Starting Point

Create an all-round Porsche emotional experience

The Porsche Leipzig facility is not just a production space where Cayenne, Panamera and Macan are assembled. Porsche Leipzig stands for an all-round Porsche experience that the visitors will deeply enjoy during their stay. Here there are many chances to deep-dive into the Porsche world: to make a guided tour of the factory, to drive on the on-road circuit or on the off-road track, to elegantly dine with view over the 1.000 acre Porsche Leipzig complex, and finally to admire the latest modern car models in the pit lane as well as the historical vehicles in the diamond shaped Customer Centre.

Every customer, guest, or visitor has the chance to get a first overview of the Porsche Leipzig world downloading its own internal app. The fascinating Porsche experience is interactively supported by the app before, during, and after the visit.


Emphasize the pit lane vehicles

The app already contained a futuristic Augmented Reality feature for visitors to experience concept studies of the historical vehicles situated in the Customer Centre. Now a proper solution to quickly retrieve information on the modern car models parked in the pit lane was envisaged.

The solution should be simple, fast, and efficient. It should be easily adaptable to the fact that the modern models might be replaced on a regular basis. It should also be interactive and lead visitors to be interested in finding out more about each car.


Scan license plates to know more!

Porsche Leipzig and its app developer decided to integrate Anyline to add an additional interactive and modern feature to their app.

Visitors of the pit lane have now the chance to scan the license plates of each Porsche with Anyline. By doing this, the vehicle’s details and insider information will pop-up immediately.

This is a brilliant example on how Anyline offers a fun and interactive feature that increases the app’s appeal by rounding-up the visitor’s experience in the world of Porsche Leipzig.

Download the Porsche Leipzig app

You can download the app on the App Store and Google Play.

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