Red Bull MOBILE Scan Voucher Codes

Red Bull MOBILE Scan Voucher Codes

Project Description

Red Bull MOBILE Collect

worldwide first launch> 325.000 scans | > 48.000 unique users

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Starting Point

Find a Way to Engage More Customers

Red Bull MOBILE does not only offer state-of-the-art telecommunication services, it also provides unlimited special access to the world of Red Bull, offering all kinds of benefits to their customers. Since Red Bull MOBILE is always looking for new ways to involve their customers they launched their engagement program: Red Bull MOBILE Collect.


Engage the Customer Anywhere, Anytime

The vision for the Red Bull MOBILE Collect program was easy: engaging the customer anywhere and anytime to show him all the possibilities the Red Bull brand world has to offer and to reward him for living the Red Bull Lifestyle. Therefore they started putting together a wide range of prizes and options to collect the voucher codes. They served as energy points and were needed to participate in the Red Bull MOBILE Collect program.


Scan Voucher Codes Anywhere Using Anyline’s Code Scanner

Red Bull MOBILE had the idea to print tiny scannable voucher codes on the lids of the Red Bull cans. Customers had to gather the codes to participate in the Red Bull MOBILE Collect program. As manually typing in numbers and letters is very error prone, Red Bull MOBILE was looking for a solution to give their customers the best experience. That’s where Anyline came in.

With the Anyline® SDK, which is implemented in the Red Bull MOBILE Collect App, the eight digit code is easily scannable and customers can gather the voucher codes at any time and wherever they are. Since lighting conditions are constantly changing if you scan the lids in all different kinds of places, a flashlight function was integrated into the app, which turns on automatically if the environment is too dark to scan the voucher code.

To scan voucher codes is the new motto of modern and easy customer engagement!

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